9th-31st July - Crowdfunding

Main crowdfunding phase. Prizes will depend on the amount raised during this period. Donate now and support the Neblio community buildathon!

1st August - Neblio BuildaThon Begins!

The competition will last for 3 months throughout August, September, and October.  All entries must have been submitted by the 31st of October.

1st-8th November - Judging

The panel of judges will consider all of the entries. A community vote will also be held during this period.

9th of november - WINNERS Announced

Prizes will be distributed shortly afterwards.


After a successful community crowdfunding process we have a number of generous prizes for the winning entries.

1st Prize
5000 NEBL

Best overall winner

2nd Prize
3000 NEBL

2nd place overall

3rd Prize
1000 NEBL

3rd place overall

Best in category
4x of Prizes of 250 NEBL

One winner in each of the following categories:

Technical innovation

Design/User experience

Gaming or VR/AR


Community Vote Winner
Multiple prizes

Overall winner of the Neblio community vote takes away the following:

From NebliDex
Free NTP1 token listing on the NebliDex exchange

From StakeSafe
Fully configured Rasberry Pi 4 staking box, 200 NEBL, StakeSafe education token worth $100 USD

From Unstoppable Domains
A domain of the winner's choice where listed as available on their site up to a value of $800!

From Neblio Demos
400 NEBL



All entries must utilise the Neblio blockchain in the main.

Entries must be functioning apps of some sort, however there are no particular stipulations.  Complete and polished projects, partially finished projects, proof of concepts, or experiments are all acceptable as entries to the Neblio buildathon.

Entries must be widely available to users.

Entries must be available throughout the duration of the judging and prize giving process, and for a minimum of one month in their original form after the announcement of prizes.

Entries must be stand-alone projects begun after the announcement of the Neblio buildathon. They must not be part of an existing project on Neblio or elsewhere.

Entries may be submitted by individual developers or by teams.

There is no limit to the number of entries submitted by each developer/team, however each entry must be distinct.

The submission process will open on the 16th of October 2020

The submission process will close on the 31st of October 2020 11:59PM GMT. All entries must have been submitted by this time.


The judging of entries will take place between the 1st and the 8th of November 2020.  An announcement of the winners will be made on the 9th of November.

Judging will consist of a panel vote for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes, as well as the best in category prizes.  There will also be a community vote for the community vote winner prizes.

The panel of judges will consist of members from the Neblio dev team as well as selected members from the Neblio community.

Panel members will not be eligible to make a submission to the competition.

The panel may ask for the full source code of a project where necessary.


Prizes will be distributed to the winners on the 10th of November.

There will be a combination of cash and other prizes.

Exact prizes amounts may increase with additional crowdfund donations.

All 'cash' prizes will be distributed in the form of Nebl coins.


List of official sponsors of the Neblio Buildathon.



NebliDex is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange powered by the Neblio blockchain and with support for the NTP1 protocol.

As well as a generous donation of $500 to the overall prize pool, Neblidex has pledged a free listing on the Neblidex exchange to the community vote winner.



Suppliers of Rasberry Pi staking wallets.

StakeSafe has pledged a fully configured Rasberry Pi 4 staking box, 200 NEBL, and a StakeSafe education token worth $100 USD to the community vote winner prize.

Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains

With a .crypto domain users can connect supported wallet addresses to a unique human readable name of their choice, and also build censorship resistant websites, allowing for a truly decentralised internet and web presence.

Unstoppable Domains have pledged a domain of the community vote winner's choice up to a value of $800, where listed as available on the Unstoppable Domains website. have their finger on the pulse of blockchain gaming.  Check out their website and subscribe to their weekly digest. are helping to promote the Neblio Buildathon.

Neblio Demos

Neblio Demos YouTube Channel

Neblio integration demos, use case experiments, developer tutorials.

Neblio Demos has pledged 400 NEBL to the community vote winner prize and donated 400 NEBL to the overall prize pool.

Neblio Developer Central

Neblio Developer Central

A group focused on Neblio dApp development. Building a community of developers and Blockchain enthusiasts interacting and exchanging ideas.

The Neblio Developer Central has been a driving force in organising and promoting this Buildathon.

Neblio Core Team

Neblio Core Team

The Neblio Core Team has kindly pledged to match all NEBL donations, up to a maximum team donation of 5,000 NEBL.  A big thank you to all members of the core team for your support!